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The Jerome Family

We own a narrowboat called Hendrika, named after the heroine of “The cow who fell in the canal”. She is based at the Thames and Kennet marina, near Sonning, and we try and get away on her as often as we can. So far we have had trips to the head of the Thames, Banbury on the Oxford canal, and the eastern end of the Kennet and Avon. Last year we took her to the lowest point on the non-tidal Thames at Teddington Lock, and this year headed upstream to Tadpole Bridge.


Paul’s web page

I am primarily a Gilbert and Sullivan singer, although I also enjoy playing folk rock on the guitar. I have been known to play a bit of heavy metal as well!!!!

 Roles I have played are:-

 Trial by Jury - The Learned Judge, Council for the prosecution.

 HMS Pinafore - Sir Joseph Porter KCB

 Pirates of Penzance - The Major General, Pirate King, Sergeant of Police, Samuel

 The Sorcerer - The Notary, Dr Daly

 Iolanthe - The Lord Chancellor

 Yeomen of the Guard - 2nd Yeoman, Leonard Meryll, Wilfred Shadbolt.

 Mikado - The Mikado, Koko

 Patience - Colonel Calvery, Reginald Bunthorne

 Princess Ida - King Gama, Florien

 Ruddigore - Sir Despard Murgatroyd, Robin Oakapple

 The Gondoliers - The Duke of Plaza Torro, Antonio

 Utopia Ltd - Mr Blushington

 Also in non-G&S shows

 South Pacific - Lieutenant Cable

 Oliver - Mr Bumble

 Salad Days - Timothy

 Die Fledermaus - Falke

 Calamity Jane - Danny Gilmartin

Mean Old Man - Jacob Marley


I have a great variety of interests, some of which are detailed on this page.


Old cars


I have a wide range of musical tastes, ranging from classical to heavy rock, and covering most things in between. Basically, if it is good, I like it. The only thing I really do not like is manufactured pop.

I own a Triumph Vitesse Convertable 2 litre Mk2. It has recently been re-sprayed by Lillywhites Garage in Emsworth.

I seem to have acquired quite a lot of stringed instruments over the years. The collection includes:-